Prime Minister Independence Day Address

Dr. the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell

Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

44th Anniversary of Independence Message

It is with overwhelming pride and joy that I extend Independence Anniversary greetings to nationals living in Canada, the United States and other parts of the Grenada Diaspora.

On this our 44th Anniversary of Independence, Grenadians at home and abroad are celebrating under the theme “One People, One Country, Our Responsibility.’’

On February 7, 1974, the Father of Independence, the late Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, through the attainment of Independence for our Tri-Island State of Grenada, Carriacou and petite Martinique, began the process of forging greater unity among our Nationals, as one people. It is now up to us to carry that mandate forward, and to do so with collective responsibility to our country.

For me, there can be no compromise, on the question of national unity. I have boldly and repeatedly stated my commitment, and I reiterate it now on this anniversary of independence, to leave no stone unturned in bringing our nationals together; from north to south, from east to west, from country to town; and from this Tri-Island State to our Diaspora communities.

I am convinced that unity is absolutely essential for national development. I have seen it manifested firsthand, especially in the last five years. The unity forged through the Social Compact between Government, the Trade Union movement, the Business community, the Churches, , Civil Society and the non-governmental organisations was highly responsible for our country’s positive economic growth—an average growth of five percent for the last five years.

It is that national unity and the sacrifices of our citizens, that is responsible for Government’s ability to meet commitments to its workers; to drastically lower and to service the national debt; to move from a monthly deficit of millions to a monthly surplus; to lower unemployment and to help take care of our citizens.

I, therefore, must commend and salute our Grenadian family – of all religions, cultures and political persuasions – as well as friends of Grenada, for the seriousness with which we have been meeting our collective responsibility to our beloved Nation.

We have been able to pull together, through the challenges, united in our purpose to ensure that Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique live up to its potential as an independent nation, taking care of its people.

On this the 44th Anniversary, I once again remind all our Nationals and friends in the Diaspora that your importance to nation building and national development is invaluable.

Hence, I express my own profound thanks to you; in my individual capacity as a fellow Grenadian, who has had the privilege and honour to serve as the Prime Minister of this beautiful nation. I also extend a hearty thank you on behalf of the Government and People of this beautiful Nation.

As Grenada continues to shine on the regional and international stage, I am confident that the collective wisdom and unity of our people and the maturity of our democracy will ensure that we continue to move forward, staying the course on this growth trajectory for a brighter future.

My administration assures that for as long as we have the opportunity to serve and create opportunities for the Grenadian community, we will do so with the utmost pride, patriotism and commitment to duty. But as we have always said, and as we have seen, the ultimate responsibility for the continued development of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, lies in the hands of all of us as citizens, individually and cooperatively.

On this our 44th, let us strengthen our efforts and re-dedicate ourselves to the Grenadian project that has inspired us these past 44 years and that has seen us through the toughest of times: hard work, sacrifice, patriotism, peace and an abiding sense of unity.

Happy 44th Anniversary of Independence, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique! We are forever one people, one country.