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One people. One country. Our responsibility

by Svetlana (gbhfn)

What did I know about Grenada? The first thing that came to mind was the words of M. Svetlov’s song:

But the song is a different one
About a distant land
My friend drove
With me in the saddle.
He sang looking around
Native lands:
“Grenada, Grenada, Grenada is mine!”

Of course, there is romance, the wind of distant wanderings. And this is good. “Spice Island”, a mystery island …

However, in reality, everything is not so, or much more complicated.

From 1885 to 1956, Grenada (the islands of the Caribbean, not a Spanish province, like Svetlov’s) was part of the English colony, and from 1958 to 1965 it was part of the West Indies Federation. The first steps towards independence of Grenada were made in 1967, and it was awarded the status of the State Associated with Great Britain. This meant that Grenada received the right to internal self-government.

On February 7, 1974, Grenada became an independent state within the British Commonwealth. On April 6, 2017, Oleg Pavlovich Firer presented copies of his credentials to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov and became the first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation.

The building of the Embassy is located at Povarskaya, 40.The mansion was built in 1885-88 for Prince A.B. Golitsyn according to the project of the architect A. Erichson.

And for the first time in Moscow, at the Embassy, ​​the celebration of the 44th year of Independence took place under the motto: “One people. One country. Our responsibility”.

The event was attended by: Oleg Firer – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation, Antonio Domingo Nina Cabrerra – (Commissioner for Consular Affairs of the Dominican Republic), Alfonso Lopez Caballero (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Colombia to the Russian Federation), Enrique Delgado Henta (Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay), Anna Danilova (Head of the Grenada business club, municipal deputy of the Meshchansky district), Elena Sokolova (Regional manager of Sandals & Beaches resorts in Eastern Europe, head of the company in Moscow) and other officials.

The event was opened by the National Anthem of Grenada. Lynessa Griffith delivered her opening speech. Further, those present listened to the congratulatory speech of the Director of the Latin American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Valentinovich Shchetinin that Grenada is now an equal partner, not a supplicant. He expressed hope for mutual cooperation.

There were also concert numbers. The song “Grenada, I love you” was performed by Avernell Christopher and Samson Sylvester. Then the singer did a solo, and Avernell Christopher read us a poem.

The speech of Oleg Firer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation, made an indelible impression on all those present.

The closing speech was delivered by Elena Sokolova, Regional Manager. I liked how she said that she was pleased, the capital of St. George’s is closely connected with the name of the Saint, who is very revered in Moscow (patron Saint George of Moscow).

At the end of the reception, guests were treated to delicious food and champagne.

The significant event of the evening is the start of the Grenada club.

The performance led by Anastasia Schipanova (energy portrait of the country of Grenada) was timed to coincide with this event. We saw the joint work of the guests and the artist during the evening. The painting one and a half by one and a half meters is designed to express the energy of the sun in such an exotic and vibrant country like Grenada. It was presented to the Ambassador and, I think, will decorate one of the halls of the embassy. The club’s activities will support the development of contacts between the peoples of our countries, as well as make a significant contribution to the development of Russian-Grenadian relations.

Admire with me the unusual and complex coat of arms of Grenada (adopted on February 7, 1974), in which almost all the colors of the rainbow are present, as well as a bright, tricolor flag.

Let me tell you a little about the symbolism, and it’s really very interesting. The central place on the coat of arms is occupied by the caravel of Christopher Columbus “Santa Maria” (it was he who discovered this island in the Caribbean). The British lion is reminiscent of colonial times.

The golden royal attire is decorated with a garland of natural flowers: roses and bougainvillea (a popular local plant). 7 roses symbolize the communities of Grenada. On the coat of arms there is also an armadillo armed with a stalk of corn, and against the background of a banana palm there is a Greenland pigeon, the country’s national bird, very rare and touching.

And at the base of the composition is a beautiful landscape, in its center is the most famous Lake Etang.

A red border runs along the perimeter of the flag (the courage of its defenders and the unity of the people, which invisibly guard the peace and well-being of the islands), and on it, both above and below, there are three five-pointed yellow stars. On the flag of Grenada, there is a round red disc, into which a five-pointed yellow star is inscribed. In the green triangle of the flag (Fields of Grenada), starting at the flagpole, is an image of a red-yellow nutmeg (main export product). The yellow fields on the flag are the sunlight of Grenada. 6 stars mean administrative districts, and the 7th, middle in the circle, is St. George, the capital of this amazing country.