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A Message from The Prime Minister of Grenada

I salute the nation on this Thanksgiving Day.

For yet another year, our nation has a lot to the thankful for. We have been spared the natural disasters that rocked most of the region, and the last year has been once again marked by not just economic stability, but genuine growth.

We continue to labour in the vineyard in our fight to lift more people out of poverty and to deepen our policies that are bent on the empowerment of all.

Of course, the genesis of this Thanksgiving Day was borne out of the political upheavals of 34 years ago this week — the tragic death of a Grenadian Prime Minister and many of his supporters; a week of political fear and uncertainty and the consequent assistance by the US and Caribbean forces to quell the crisis.

We remember those times and vow to learn never to be consumed by political extremism or depart to a politics that will radically put neighbor against neighbor.

Today we once again pay tribute to all the fallen; and say thanks to our neighbors that came to us in a time of need, and we rededicate ourselves to this Grenadian nation.

To God be the glory; great things He has done!

Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell
Prime Minister of Grenada