Exhibition of archival materials at the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Russia

🇷🇺🇬🇩 Opening of an exhibition of archival materials dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Grenada

🇷🇺🇬🇩 December 12, the Russian Foreign Ministry hosted the opening ceremony of the exhibition of archival materials on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Grenada.

🔹 In his opening remarks, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander V. Grushko emphasized the feelings of sincere friendship, solidarity and mutual respect that bind our countries, which turned out to be stronger than any geopolitical turbulence. Having overcome the pause in relations caused by the American invasion of the island in 1983, Russia and Grenada are working together side by side to build mutually beneficial cooperation, systematically developing a political dialogue, as evidenced by visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada Charles Peter David to Moscow in June of this year. The agenda includes strengthening the juridical base of relations, building up economic, educational, cultural and humanitarian exchanges, including through the use of existing cooperation mechanisms, including the Russia and the Caribbean media and business forum regularly held in Grenada. Truly comradely cooperation was noted in the international arena, where we together uphold the principles of multilateralism and the primacy of international law.

🔹The Ambassador of Grenada in Russia, Oleg P. Firer, highlighted the progress in implementing specific cooperation projects in healthcare, education, infrastructure and other areas, and thanked the Russian side for its assistance in implementing sustainable development programs in Grenada, including the supply of medical equipment to the island.

🔹 Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Leonid E. Slutsky, noted the positive dynamics in the development of inter-parliamentary contacts, which play an important role in strengthening friendly relations between Russia and Grenada.

🔹The atmosphere of sincerity and cordiality in which the event was held was emphasized by the performance of the senior constable of the Royal Police of Grenada Samson Sylvester, a graduate of the University of the Russian Ministry of the Interior named after Kikotya, Mr. Sylvester performed a romance based on the poem by S. Yesenin “I do not regret, I do not call, I do not cry.”

🔹The event clearly confirmed the existing prospects for Russian-Grenadian cooperation, the mutual penetration of cultures, traditions and values ​​of our countries, which are so geographically remote, but at the same time understandable and close to each other.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Business Russia hosted a meeting with Chief Medical Officer of Grenada, Dr. Mitchell

During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for joint cooperation between Russia and Grenada in the field of medications

On November 15, in the office of Business Russia, a meeting was held with the Chief Medical Officer of Grenada, Dr. George Mitchell. The event was attended by the Ambassador of Grenada to Russia Mr. Oleg Firer, Director for Health Economics of the R-Pharm Group of Companies Alexander Bykov and Director of the International Cooperation Department Anton Slinchenko.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for joint cooperation between Russia and Grenada in the field of providing the Caribbean market with medicines, unleashing the potential of this region for Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers. In particular, the Chief Medical Officer of Grenada in his speech noted that despite the small population of the island itself, Grenada trades duty-free with all the countries of the Eastern Caribbean, and this is a significant market. In addition, there is not a single pharmaceutical manufacturer in Grenada; all medicines are imported, always having an instruction in English.

“In order to start our cooperation, it is necessary to obtain a certificate on key diseases of the region, a list of medicines circulated in the territory of Grenada, as well as information on mechanisms for entering the local market,” said Alexander Bykov. According to him, thanks to the new Pharma 2030 strategy, Russian pharmaceutical companies have a good chance to start exporting medicines with state support and the Caribbean market is of particular interest.

Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health of Grenada Presented at the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)

Theme of the conference “Harmonization and Approaches to Pharmaceutical Development” brought together medical professionals from around the world

MOSCOW, November 18, 2019 – Dr. George Mitchell, Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health of Grenada participated as industry speaker at the Second International Scientific and Practical Conference “Pharmaceutical Development 2019” at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) on November 14, 2019. Dr. Mitchell presented opportunities in Grenada and OECS, including market size, registration and procurement of medicines in the region. 

Key topics of the conference included:

  • International practice of pharmaceutical development
  • Cooperation of scientific and educational institutions with industrial enterprises. 
  • Interaction and harmonization of good practices
  • Pharmacognosy and plant metabolomics in the development of natural origin drugs
  • Preclinical and clinical studies. Metabolic analysis and personalized medicine. GCP practice
  • Pharmaconutriciology: from theory to practice
  • Modern analytics in scientific research and conformity assessment in the pharmaceutical and food fields

The conference is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Shared Research and Educational Centre of RUDN University creation.

The Shared Research and Educational Center, as a leading research department of RUDN University, has ten years of development experience in a wide area of scientific activity from the creation of modern medicines to metabolic research, the development and application of a modern analytical base, a comprehensive study of natural, man-made and anthropogenic processes in plant objects of the environment. This allows to obtain scientific knowledge about the effects of climate, component composition, the potential of biologically active compounds for the development of new drugs, dietary supplements, food, the creation of methods and systems for assessing quality, including identification and determination of the geographical origin of products.

During the visit to RUDN University, Dr. Mitchell toured the Shared Research and Educational Centre of RUDN University, including pharmaceutical research and development facilities.

About Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)

RUDN University is a unique higher educational institution, a large internationally oriented educational and scientific center. RUDN University is known in the world for its achievements in the organization of the educational process, innovative research in the field of fundamental and applied sciences, broad international connections. RUDN University takes high places in international and Russian scientific ratings due to the active scientific work of the University’s scientists. More info: http://eng.rudn.ru

Source: Embassy of Grenada to the Russian Federation

Grenadians successfully completed course at Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


  • Lynessa Griffith and Kelson Noel have successfully completed the course on the “International Relations and Russian Foreign Policy”
  • 72 academic hours have been awarded upon the completion on October 25, 2019
  • Ms. Griffith was appointed as a Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Grenada to the Russian Federation

Lynessa Griffith left Grenada in 2014 to pursue studies in Russia. After five years of studying in Moscow she has achieved her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a diploma as an official translator from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). Ms. Griffith has returned to Russia to complete a course at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and begin her diplomatic career at the Embassy of Grenada to the Russian Federation as a Cultural Attaché.

Kelson Noel left Grenada in 2014 to pursue studies in Russia. After five years of studying in Moscow he has achieved his Specialist degree in Law Enforcement from the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Russian Federation with specialty in Legal Support for National Security (equivalent to Masters in Law Enforcement). Mr. Noel has returned to Russia to complete a course at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and pursue his PhD degree.

“Grenada – Island of Spice” photo exhibition opens in Moscow

Celebration event took place on October 2 at the embassy of Grenada.

In the minds of most people, Grenada remains a mystery, although in reality it is much closer than it seems. Moreover, in September 2019, Russia and Grenada celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, which means it’s time to get to know this magical country closer.

To celebrate this milestone, National Geographic Russia magazine, together with the Embassy of Grenada in the Russian Federation, organized a photo exhibition “Grenada – Island of Spice.” The exposition, consisting of 50 photographs, clearly tells about this idyllic corner with a special culture, nature, national cuisine and history.

Known to Europeans since the beginning of the 17th century, seemingly carefree and cheerful, over the years of its existence, Grenada has gone through a difficult history of numerous political upheavals and interventions. Therefore, the culture of Grenada was the result of the influence of both European and African traditions, languages ​​and religions, pulsating in the rhythm of calypso.

Despite its small area, Grenada is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth: due to its tropical climate and volcanic origin, evergreen forests with valuable tree species are spread here, and the cleanest beaches, lakes and waterfalls are preserved in their original pure form. It was in Grenada that the world’s first underwater sculpture park was created, founded by Jason Taylor.

The exposition opened on the territory of the embassy of Grenada on October 2, and on October 7 it will move to Nikolskaya street in the centre of Moscow.

Welcoming speeches were made by the editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler Ivan Vasin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation Oleg Firer, as well as Deputy Director of the Latin American Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexei Labetskiy.

The event was held in the form of a mini-festival: the mood of the Caribbean carnival was created by the fiery performances of the International Band and artists of the Samba Real drum show. The highlight of the event was the performance of the charming singer Jenny Jeremiah, who specially flew to Moscow on this occasion.

The exhibition opened on Nikolskaya Street, Building 4, from October 7 and runs until October 30. Admission is free, working hours are around the clock.

Source: National Geographic

Pure Grenada Products Showcased at the “Russian Retail Week 2019” Exhibition

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, June 3, 2019 – Embassy of Grenada to the Russian Federation in conjunction with the Ministry of International Business of Grenada, today announced participation in the Russian Retail Week 2019, six-day event held on June 3 – 8, 2019 at the World Trade Centre, Moscow.

Russian Retail Week, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Russian Retail Market Experts Association is a large-scale retail industry event with the participation of business and government. The event is a great platform to form main directions of retail industry development, to determine the state approaches to the development of the modern and civilized retail market, to resolve the industry problems.

“The Russian Retail Week may be recognized a landmark event indicative of a new level of interaction between the trade business community and governmental authorities,” commented Mr. Denis Manturov, Minister for Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

More than 6,500 people are expected at the Russian Retail Week 2019. Every year the number of forum participants increases by an average of 1,000 people. In 2015, the first event gathered more than 3,000 participants, in 2016 – 4,000, in 2017 – 5,000, in 2018 – 6,000 participants.

The Embassy of Grenada in conjunction with the Ministry of International Business of Grenada is showcasing Pure Grenada products from Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association (GCNA), Grenada Cocoa Association, Grenada Chocolate Company, De La Grenade Industries, Belmont Estate, Westerhall Estate Rum, Clarke’s Court Rum and Caribbean Naturals & Grenada Nutmeg / Cocoa Products that include:

  • Cocoa Beans
  • Nutmeg
  • Local spices
  • Chocolates
  • Rum and spiced liquors
  • Local manufactured products

“Our participation in the Russian Retail Week 2019 event underscores our dedication to the region as well as gives us an opportunity to showcase Pure Grenada and all it has to offer,” commented H.E. Mr. Oleg Firer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada.

Source: Embassy of Grenada Press Centre

V Annual International Macroeconomic Seminar

A delegation of the Embassy of Grenada composed of the Ambassador and the First Secretary, participated in the V International Macroeconomic Seminar

On November 23, the V International Macroeconomic Seminar “Can Coordinated Macroeconomic Policy Help to Avoid Trade Confrontations and Wars?”, Organized by the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) together with the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Interstate Bank.

Welcoming words to the participants and guests of the seminar were addressed by the Member of the Board (Minister) of the EEC on integration and macroeconomics, Tatiana Valovaya and President of the Interstate Bank Igor Suvorov.

Igor Paunovich, head of the UNCTAD Globalization and Development Strategies Division, made a presentation on the trade and development report in 2018. He stressed that 10 years after the 2008 crisis, the situation in the global economy had not changed much. “Trade wars are a symptom of a deeper economic illness. Substantial changes are necessary in view of the redistribution of resources and capital to labor,” said Mr. Paunovich.

Gabriel Di Bella, Resident Representative of the IMF, presented the “Overview of Global Trends and the Economy of the Russian Federation – 2018”. He noted that the macroeconomic situation in Russia is now stable, but the country is subject to geopolitical pressure and that in the Russian Federation an economic growth of 1.5-1.8% is predicted for the year. The report also said that the current trade wars add tension to the markets, and if they are not stopped, this will be a significant blow to the entire global economy.

A video report from Bangkok heard a report from Mia Mikis, heads of the ESCAP Trade, Investment and Innovation Division. She spoke about trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region in 2018. Mia Mikis said: “Russia and Kazakhstan received the most direct foreign investment in new projects among the states of Central and North Asia. They amounted to 7% and 3%, respectively, of all foreign direct investment in new projects in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Also, representatives of the UN Economic Commission for Africa – Shamnaaz Sufrah and Batanay Chikven made a video presentation on the presentation of the “African continental free trade zone”. They stressed that the integrated pan-African market will take effect from 2019 and this will attract large investments from outside the region and minimize migration flows.

Further reports were presented by Steward Lawson, EY Senior Advisor on servicing financial institutions and participation in government projects in Russia and the CIS, Violetta Tayar from the Institute of Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences and Art Franchek from the American Chamber of Commerce.

The general theme of the presentations was devoted to economic relations and trade policies of countries in the context of sanctions.

“The countries of Latin America did not join the sanctions imposed by the West against Russia in 2014-2016, which allowed to intensify trade, economic and investment cooperation with the region of Latin America. The anti-sanction policy has a limited policy; it is extremely difficult to protect oneself from financial and other consequences,” said Ms. Tayar.

Steward Lawson in his report noted that sanctions affect the cost structure, efficiency of banks and introduce uncertainty, and Art Franchek said that the commodity market began to decline and, as he suggests, this will be the most important issue at the next G20 meeting.

At the end of the seminar, a report was made by the Deputy Department of Macroeconomic Policy of the EEC S. Urustemova: “EAEU – Current macroeconomic trends and challenges.”

Mr. Urustemov said that the quality of macroeconomic policy is improving in the EAEU, there is an increase in the correlation of macroeconomic indicators, inflationary processes are being synchronized.

“In September 2018, for the first time since 2012, inflation in all countries of the EAEU was below the level established by the EAEU Treaty,” said Mr. Urustemov. He also highlighted the following risks for the EEU countries: the growth of protectionism, the tightening of the global financial market, the decline in world commodity prices, low long-term economic growth and other specific country risks.

The seminar participants, from among the academic circles, took an active part in the discussion of global issues of economy, trade, investment and development of countries.


The largest agrarian exhibition of Russia “YUGAGRO” opened in Krasnodar

On November 20, the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for Crop Production “YUGAGRO” opened in Krasnodar, in the exhibition and congress hall “Expograd Yug”. This year it is held for the 25th time. The organizer of this event is the ITE Group of Companies, the leader in the organization of exhibitions in Russia.

The opening ceremony was attended by Krasnodar Region Governor Veniamin Kondratyev, Chairman of the Krasnodar Region Legislative Assembly Yury Burlachko, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management Sergey Lisovsky, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Russian Federation, Ms. René Jones-Bos Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the Russian Federation, Mr. Firer, Minister Plenipotentiary, Economic and Trade Advisor skim the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Russian Federation, Mr. Li Tszinyuan and other honored guests.

This year, more than 650 companies from 35 countries of the world take part in the YUGAGRO exhibition, the total area of ​​the exposition exceeds 65,000 m2, more than 100 companies are new participants.

“Companies from the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, India, China and many others present their products. But it is fundamentally important for us that among the foreign partners in the fields of the exhibition are 40 regions of our country, including 100 companies from the Krasnodar region,” said Veniamin Kondratiev in his welcoming speech. The governor of Kuban also noted that the site of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery is a unique opportunity to learn and learn from the experience of partners and competitors.

Yakip Burlachko, Speaker of the Land Legislative Assembly, noted with satisfaction that more than 20 years ago the exhibition was a more regional agricultural fair. At this stage, YUGAGRO has become a solid international platform, he pointed out.

At the end of the solemn ceremony, the Governor and the guests of honor viewed the expositions of the companies CLAAS, Rostselmash, KUHN and other exhibitors.

The 25th international exhibition is divided into four thematic clusters: equipment for storage and processing, spare parts and agricultural machinery, agricultural chemistry and seeds, equipment for irrigation and greenhouses.

The exhibition “YUGAGRO – 2018” is accompanied by a rich program for visitors: conferences, business meetings and round tables, in total more than 30 events, which will feature 80 speakers.

On the opening day of the exhibition, a plenary session “Food Exports: Strategy, Tactics and Realities” was held. Sergey Lisovsky, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, Andrey Korobka, Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Andrey Korobka, General Director of Rosagroleasing, Pavel Kosov, Russian Grain Union, Sergey Kremenetsky, Deputy General Director of the South Group Russ and other experts.

The exhibition will continue its work until November 23.

Source: http://www.yugagro.org/ru-RU/press/news/6109.aspx

Embassy of Grenada Marks its First Anniversary

Today, On August 1, 2018, we mark the first anniversary since opening the Embassy of Grenada to the Russian Federation in Moscow.

This past year has been a productive year for the Embassy, as we embarked on a path to introduce Grenada to the Russian Federation and enhance bilateral relations as the only Eastern Caribbean diplomatic mission in the region.

This past year has witnessed extraordinary initiatives being carried out by Grenada and Russia as the countries marked their 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, followed by the execution of a visa-waiver agreement between the countries during the 72nd United Nations General Assembly.

By maintaining a fully staffed local presence and working with various government and non-government organizations we have managed to make important first steps in creating bilateral relationships in the fields of educational, cultural and trade exchanges with the objective to promote Grenada as a tourist and investment destination.

In November of last year Grenada hosted “New Dawn”, the first ever joint Russian / Eurasian-Caribbean economic, media and academic forum, which has seen collaboration efforts between the regional representatives from the Caribbean and Eurasian regions. As a result of this successful event, organizers have formed the “St. George’s Club” in Grenada as a non-profit organization founded on the principle of networking and building relationships that last. It is St. George’s Club’s objective to improve contacts between the Caribbean and Eurasian businesses, cultural and government communities. This year on November 1, 2018, St. George’s Club will continue this trend and is preparing to host “The Next Step” forum in Grenada, which will offer an excellent environment for collaboration with the objective to enhance business communication and relationships between the regions.

We have participated in many events in the Russian Federation and the Eurasian region during this past year. Some of the most notable events included:

  • Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, hosted a round table “Cooperation between the Russian Federation and Grenada in the Humanitarian, Cultural, Scientific and Tourism Fields”, organized by the Commission of the Russian Federation on the Development of Public Diplomacy, Humanitarian Cooperation and the Preservation of Traditional Values. Photo exhibition “Nature and Attractions of Grenada” was featured in the lobby of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation at which the Commission Chairperson, Elena Sutormina, noted that Grenada, as an island state with magnificent nature, is of interest in terms of tourism, but there are other possible cooperations to be explored between the countries.
  • “Rossiya” television network produced several feature episodes about Grenada, which have aired in prime time – “Friendship of Grenada and Russia”, “From tourism to high technology: Grenada and Russia have something to share with each other” and “Grenada: Visa-Free”.
  • Embassy of Grenada celebrated the CARICOM National Day at the Astana World Expo 2017 and participated in dialogues with the Government of Kazakhstan within the framework of the development of further bilateral cooperation in the region.
    Opened “Grenada Business and Cultural Club” and during the course of the year established bilateral dialogues with the regional governments of the Russian Federation.
  • First Caribbean trade center “My Caribbean” was formed in Russia to promote bilateral trade and serve as a platform for businesses looking to promote products between the regions.
  • Grenadian delegation comprised of Grenadian students in the Russian Federation attended the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia.
  • The Government of Russia in collaboration with the Government of Grenada is offering scholarships to Grenadian nationals who wish to pursue studies in Russia for the academic year 2018-2019. There are many programs to chose from including Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate and Short-term continued education courses from over 400 universities in the Russian Federation.
  • During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2018), Grenada Ministry of Health and National Medical Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation have executed the Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific and Clinical Cooperation in The Field of Healthcare.
  • Grenadian products were featured at the Russian Retail Week 2018, whereby Russian Association of Retail Market Experts and the Embassy of Grenada have executed a bilateral co-operation agreement.

During this year we have received a large amount of positive feedback and we are happy with our progress. I would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation for the warm welcome. I would also like to extend a special appreciation to the embassy staff and Grenadian students in the Russian Federation for making this a strong beginning.

Happy Birthday, Embassy of Grenada!

Oleg Firer
Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary of Grenada

Grenada celebrates CARICOM Energy Month 2017

ST. GEORGE’S GRENADA, November 13, 2017 – Energy Month is an annual CARICOM initiative in which member states are invited to raise awareness and educate the public and the business community on sustainable production of electricity. The Month also seeks to encourage behavioural changes in homes and workplaces to conserve and reduce energy consumption through the use of renewable energies and energy efficient appliances and fittings.

For the year 2017, CARICOM Energy Month will be held across the Region under the theme “REthinking Energy”. This theme encourages us to examine the role of renewable energy in our sustainable energy transition and also to focus on the importance of the efficient use of energy.

The main activity organized by the Energy Division to celebrate the 2017 Energy Month, is a Kill-A-Watt Exhibition. This event is scheduled for Friday 24th November 2017 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the Carenage in front of the Financial Complex.

This exhibition will feature exhibitors of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions, as well as energy suppliers and will be an opportunity for networking among the key stakeholders and the sharing of information on how to “REthink Energy” in Grenada.

The Government also promotes the use of renewable energies by offering duty and tax exemptions for renewable energy systems. Furthermore the Grenada Development Bank offers lower interest rate loans for renewable energy applications.