Grenada, also known as “The Authentic Caribbean” and the ‘Spice Isle’, is one of the most beautiful and lush islands in the West Indies. Unspoilt and exotic, Grenada’s dramatic scenery, tropical rain forests, mountains, waterfalls and golden beaches will appeal to visitors from around the world. Learn more about the country and see what makes Grenada’s citizenship by investment program an irresistible option for anyone.

History. Grenada was traditionally inhabited by Carib Indians who migrated from the South America mainland. The island was originally known as Camerhougue but Columbus renamed it Concepcion Island when he visited in 1498. Successive Spanish sailors found it to be so evocative of Andalucia with its lush green mountain scenery that they called it Granada which is the origination of its name today.

Demographics. With a very high literacy rate, the population is highly educated; St. George’s University, with 6,000 students from over 140 countries offers faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Science, has been established for thirty-five years. In addition a full medical teaching hospital is planned in the near future.

Culture & Climate. Known today more as a tourist destination and still the “authentic Caribbean” historically Grenada was known as a gentle island supported by growing spices, particularly nutmeg and cinnamon. Today it still has a very active agricultural and fishing economy.

Economy. Grenada’s economic outlook is generally very good, with expansion occurring in tourism, agriculture and manufacturing. Part of the Eastern Caribbean Bank and currency system, its currency is stable, secure and tied directly to the US$.


Grenada Citizenship by Investment Benefits:

  • Citizenship for life, with the right to live and work in the country
  • The ability to pass one’s citizenship to future generations by descent
  • Visa-free travel to more than 140 countries and territories
  • The opportunity to maintain dual citizenship
  • The chance to apply for a United States E2 Visa for entrepreneurial activity
  • No sharing of information with the country of your current citizenship
  • No foreign income, wealth, gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax
  • Fast processing time and transparent requirements
  • A peaceful, democratic and politically stable country
  • No requirement to reside in the country before, during, or after the application

St. George’s

344 km2

UTC -4

English (official)

East Caribbean dollars (XCD)

A Wonderful Opportunity to Invest, Live and Work in Paradise on the ‘Isle of Spice’

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is a fantastic way to enjoy the beautiful island of Grenada, explore new paths for your business and expand your passport portfolio.

In order to preserve the prestige of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) initiatives, the CBI programme is governed by a legal protocol. Application is by invitation and each applicant, their family and or business partners must be approved individually by the Government of Grenada through a strict due diligence process.


To qualify for citizenship, applicants must fulfill one of the investment options below:

National Transformation Fund (NTF) donation:

A minimum non-refundable contribution to the NTF of USD 200 000. The NTF option is the fastest route to Grenadian citizenship

Real Estate Investment option:

A minimum contribution of USD 350,000 in an approved project. Investment must be held for a minimum of three years