Grenada’s Climate



Grenada's Climate

Average temperatures range from 75ºF to 85ºF (24ºC to 30ºC), tempered by the steady and cooling trade winds. The lowest temperatures occur between November and February. Due to Grenada’s remarkable landscape, the island also experiences climate changes according to altitude. The driest season is between January and May while the rainy season is from June to December.

What to Pack?

All year round: bring light, loose-fitting clothes of natural fabric, and possibly a light sweatshirt and a light raincoat for thunderstorms; possibly a light sweatshirt for the evening from December to March. 

When going to the reef, you can bring snorkeling equipment, including water shoes or rubber-soled shoes.

When going hiking in the mountains, bring a light sweatshirt, a raincoat and hiking shoes.

Island of Spice

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