An obituary is a brief note written about a recently deceased person that serves to inform the community of their passing. Someway a dedicatory article tells a person’s life story to a large audience. It is known that in one of the most attractive countries in the world — Grenada, people are interested in death notices. In other words, citizens feel the special importance of news, including death updates.

In this article, we will look at what the Grenada connection obituary means and explore the life of Grenadians.

Grenadian citizens and their lifestyle

Many people think not only about traveling but also about immigrating to this Caribbean country located on the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles. What is Grenadian culture like?

The “Spice Island,” as Grenada is called due to nutmeg grown there in large quantities, is probably the most beautiful and flourishing country in the West Indies. It has picturesque landscapes, rainforests, mountain rivers with waterfalls, and snow-white beaches washed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

  • As the Russian Ambassador to Grenada, Oleg Firer said,

“Grenada is always open to relations with the countries of the world. The residents aim to build relations with the global community, to have more visa-free regimes so that Grenadians can move freely throughout our planet.”

  • Grenada’s culture is a vibrant mix of British, African, Native American, and French traditions.
  • The official language is English. The influence of the Anglican, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches is significant, and the lifestyle is British and even Scottish.
  • Local families are usually large and people maintain family relations easily, without tribal or religious separation.
  • A joint meal for all family members is an important local ceremony. The Grenadians gather at a table, and watch the local news, including the Grenada Connection News, and obituaries programs.
  • Many Grenadians still adhere to the traditional beliefs of their ancestors and conduct spiritual ceremonies that came to the islands from the African continent.

Grenada connection obituary

One of the programs regularly broadcasted on the local Grenadian networks is the death news. Surprisingly, it has a surefire audience. This show proclaims the names of the relatives and even friends of the dead person. Some people may watch the newscast with interest to learn who has died or when the next funeral ceremony will take place. Indeed, it appeared that the elderly are the most captivated by the facts spread by the feared update. Strangely enough, people sometimes even visit the web pages Go Gouyave or Grenadian connection to check out obituaries.

  • Why do Grenadians like death news? Among the reasons may be the ability to listen to the names of the dearly loved ones, for instance, father or grandmother.

Apart from TV shows, some websites display photos of deceased ones accompanied by death notices. On one of such obituaries Grenada connection websites, another reason for excessive attention to the deceased ones is clarified:

  • “To help remind those of us who are away from home just what it means to be a Grenadian, and take us back to our roots.”

Roots, origin – these are noble patriotic feelings that make people remember their ancestors. This is obviously worthy of respect.

Grenada news obituaries

To point out, Grenadians do not admire death. It is undoubtedly an unhappy moment when somebody passes away. The citizens of this country fought against attacks of the coronavirus pandemic, besides economic hardships. Like any other nation, they have specific hardships, yet they are united.

This means that sad Grenada news obituaries will not steal their hopes. Nevertheless, in times of loss, citizens are certain that they have desirable family support, along with comrades’, neighbors’, and other people’s positive attitudes.


Curiously, the death announcement may be a typical discussion topic. This strange attitude to the sad news may surprise the readers. However, communities arising from such issues as the Grenade connection obituary make this nation unique. Do you think Grenadians are highly interested in death notices? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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