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IBBA proposes to a Russian factory to give a Russian diamond to Cuba

MONTEVIDEO (Sputnik), November 2, 2017 – The Bering-Bellingshausen Institute for the Americas (“IBBA”), based in the Uruguayan capital, proposed to the Russian diamond factory in Smolensk to hand over a precious stone to Cuba to install it in the Capitol of Havana and thus commemorate the shared history between Russia and the island.

“To commemorate the joint history between Russia and Cuba we have suggested to the Smolensk factory to give Havana a diamond to be placed in the Capitol, it will be called “The Loyal” to underline the fact that we are loyal to the joint history of sacrifices, challenges, successes, and sometimes of failures and tragedies, of everything that has happened in the Russian-Cuban relationship,” IBBA president Sergey Brilev told Sputnik.

Perhaps the “First Dawn” of relations between Russia and the Caribbean subregion, Brilev continued, was the period of “that Cuban Russian friendship in the 60s and 70s.”

That relationship between both nations, he added, “was quite tumultuous but also legendary and that is why we want to commemorate with the diamond “The Loyal” that the Smolensk factory will carry out under the auspices of the IBBA in Havana.”

Brilev explained that in the capitol of Havana there was a large diamond that belonged to the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, and that this diamond has “a very special history because it appeared and disappeared” and that symbolically marks the zero kilometer of the construction of the construction of the road network of Cuba.

For that reason, he added, “to commemorate that history between both nations we have suggested the delivery of this diamond.”

The diamond factory is one of the companies that participates in the economic forum Russia/Eurasia-Caribbean, “A New Dawn”, organized by the IBBA, which started on the Caribbean island of Grenada and will be held until this Friday November 3, 2017.